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Time to follow your gut and be a force for meaningful change.

It's time to follow what you have been feeling for a while


I will help you to get clear about what you want to truly contribute to the world, overcome your blockages, overwhelm and mechanisms and discern the voice of your intuition from what your mind says.


I will help you to lead yourself in a way that gives you inner space and clarity so you can lead others with authenticity, vulnerability and compassion.

  • You want to Serve people and bring change to this planet.

  • You want to Work with authenticity and an open heart - with compassion instead of control and power

  • You often you feel alone with this and look for like-minded leaders.

  • You want to Get out of the spiral of overwhelm and put more of your energy in what is meaningful for you

  • You want to Grow & Understand yourself and your own mechanisms even better to become a mindful leader.

  • You see clearly see the need for change but feel overwhelmed by the big mountain.

  • You know what you would love to do but life and outside circumstances keep distracting you.

Hi, I am Mounira

I train skills for selfleadership & inner transformation needed to build The New Paradigm that serves an Interconnected World, Social Justice, Planet Regeneration, Heart Wisdom - dedicated to Future Generations.


Deeply transforming your own path can be challenging because transformation goes much deeper than just change. This world is changing like never before and we cannot keep on using old strategies and methods to proceed - we need new methods, skillsets and a new "language" so we can create something that hasn't been there before.


Having worked in management for some of the biggest companies in the world while training and consulting other businesses I offer experience, guidance and compassion for you to take action into a new Paradigm.

We have a chance to create changes that inspire many generations to come - lets do this!

What started in 2012 as a 20% project at Google became a complete new role that I stepped into.


Since I co-founded Connected Business I have trained, mentored and coached more than 30.000 people worldwide, trained hundreds of teachers all with the intention to serving the next 7 generations to come.


I am the author of "Connected Business - how I found the way to lead my self and others" published by Randomhouse -Ariston launched in April 2020, the German version is out, English version in the making.

20+ years of in depth experience as a corporate leader:


Before launching Connected Business, I was head of the YouTube Space Berlin & head of YouTube PR for Germany, Austria & Switzerland. During my almost 6 years at Google I dedicated 20% of my working time to teaching Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence. Before that I lead brand communications and marketing initiatives for Red Bull and BMW. Next to my leadership  and business owner experience I am also a trained systemic business coach, certified shadow worker, yoga & meditation teacher and facilitate mindful leadership trainings across the world.

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How we can work together 



Self Leadership leads to Co-Leadership

To follow your path fully is not always easy. I support you to uncover your authentic way and enable you and your team to work based on trust, authenticity, mindfulness and compassion. My annual mentorship programme is dedicated to empowering a group of leaders that want to create the new paradigm to step into their power and find their authentic personal contribution while at the same time understanding their blockages and seeing their own shadows. The group format is one of the most powerful ways to understand ourselves through the power of other people's support.



Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence & Compassionate/Authentic Leadership Trainings

Do you see the power in shifting your company culture to have trust and psychological safety at it's core? Over the past years Mounira has facilitated mindfulness-based emotional intelligence trainings (Search Inside Yourself) for thousands of people across the globe. The goal is to transform company culture through the right skill sets and that way embody an agile working culture. The trainings are designed to support you with the transition to an agile, mindful & compassionate company culture that is in integrity with their values and purpose. Imagine leaders stepping into the role of the great and inspiring person people want to follow.



Talks at conferences & company offsites

Want to speak about the future of work and bring in fun and inspiration at the same time? As transformational speaker I love to inspire business leaders with a new vision of our working world, re-connecting to a different perspective and also see the amazing possibilities we all have to bring these times that we are in to a new level - a level of co-creation, human evolution, togetherness and compassion. My style is very passionate, authentic, honest, real and fun. Some of her speaking topics include:

"Steps to become a Leader of the new Paradigm"

"How authentic (Self-)Leadership leads to Co-leadership"

"Why Compassion in Leadership is Key"

"Mental Health and Resilience in times of unpredictability"

"Mindfulness the super power of the digital age"


"Great mix of science/content and exercises. Mounira is excellent, authentic and a real role model in the field of mindfulness. It was very inspiring and probably the best training I did. Thanks a lot, Mounira!"

Marisa D.

"I am very grateful and happy that this course is available at my company. It really reminds me what an amazing company this is. I think the course content is superb and fully intended to put this into practice everyday. It compliments other work I have been doing for myself in this area in my personal life, so it is so great to know that I am fully supported and actively encouraged to implement that at work."

Daniel B.

"Mounira has a great presence on stage, she is passionate for the topic. Those two things made it a very worthwhile and diverting training. I'll definitely be able to incorporate aspects of it into my daily work life. Thanks Mounira"

George L.

"Mounira has supported me through some of the most challenging decisions that I have had to make in my career and personal life.  Using intuitive, skilful approaches (and limitless patience!) she has helped me dissolve deeply ingrained conditioning that had been holding me back from meaningful change.  I now have a clear vision that I am making tangible progress towards. A path that I had previously considered radical, risky and out of reach now feels exciting and definitely achievable. Above all, I feel more flexible, creative and alive! I am infinitely grateful - thank you Mounira"

Adam K., Managing Director Global Investment Bank


Online Course

The (Self-)Leadership Guide FOR dealing with times of change & unpredictability


Online Course

7-Day Morning Practice Challenge


For Training & Keynote Requests please email:


Mounira Latrache
Connected Business GmbH
co/Factory Works GmbH
Lohmühlenstr. 65
12435 Berlin

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