Mounira Latrache works with businesses that want to bring Compassion and Mindfulness into daily business interactions. Deciding to bring your business into this direction can be challenging because for some reason we do not value them as much as metrics. This world is changing and we cannot keep on using old strategies and methods to proceed - we need new methods and a new perspective. Having worked in management for some of the biggest companies in the world while training and consulting other businesses I offer experience, guidance and compassion for others to take action into a new world.


Mounira’s vision is that we will find a way to work with each other that includes the diversity and passion of the whole person, that aims to find solutions for the greater good as a community and is fun at the same time.

Mounira is very dedicated to move forward diversity - and for her it is much more than just having the same amount of females in a company. For her diversity means to create a culture where everyone accepts the uniqueness of the other, no matter if it’s gender, origin, a total different work style or energy level at certain times of the day. Along with this she wants to support people to find their own voice and passion.

She is also very passionate about transforming our business world and sees the transformational power in diversity, mindfulness & compassion - and that’s why in 2012 she has started giving courses and train people as a 20% project at Google and external companies.

As founder of Connected Business she is passionate about changing the way we do business and connecting a business community where we are all leading each other into empowerment , connecting with each other in an authentic way and serving the next 7 generations to come. Mounira is the author of "Connected Business - how I found the way to lead my self and others" published by Randomhouse -Ariston launched in April 2020, the German version is out, English version in the making.

Before launching Connected Business, Mounira was managing the YouTube Space Berlin, heading YouTube PR for Germany, Austria & Switzerland. During her 5 years at Google she dedicated 20% of her working time to spreading mindfulness at Google and externally. Mounira has 15+ years of management experience leading international brands, in previous years she lead brand communications and marketing initiatives for Red Bull and BMW. Mounira is also a trained business coach, yoga teacher and facilitates mindful leadership trainings across the world.

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Self Leadership leads to Co-Leadership

Mounira Latrache is an expert in working with fast moving environments. Her passion lies in empowering people to find their authentic ways and enabling teams to work based on trust, authenticity, mindfulness and compassion. She does things differently - she is looking for the areas where companies can use their heart - where they can contribute to the greater good and find a purpose employees want to follow because they believe in it. Her annual mentorship programme is dedicate to empowering a group of people to step into their power and find their authentic personal branding.



Mindfulness & Compassion Trainings

Over the past years Mounira Latrache has facilitated mindfulness based emotional intelligence trainings for thousdand of people across the globe. The goal is to make companies mindful and that way embody an agile working culture. Her trainings are designed to support you with the transition to a mindful compassionate company that will recognise their values and purpose. It inspires Mounira to work with business leaders so they can step into their role of the great and inspiring leader people want to follow.



Talks at conferences & company offsites

As an inspirational speaker Mounira has spoken conferences and companies around the world. She loves to inspire business leaders with a new vision of our working world, re-connecting to a different perspective and also see the amazing possibilities we all have to bring these times that we are in to a new level - a level of co-creation, human evolution, togetherness and compassion. Her speaking topics go from "how to be human in the digital world" to "find your passion and purpose" to "why mindfulness makes companies agile ready".


"Great mix of science/content and exercises. Mounira is excellent, authentic and a real role model in the field of mindfulness. It was very inspiring and probably the best training I did. Thanks a lot, Mounira!"

Marisa D.

"I am very grateful and happy that this course is available at my company. It really reminds me what an amazing company this is. I think the course content is superb and fully intend to put this into practice everyday. It compliments other work I have been doing for myself in this area in my personal life, so it is so great to know that I am fully supported and actively encouraged to implement that at work."

Daniel B.

"Mounira has a great presence on stage, she is passionate for the topic. Those two things made it a very worthwhile and diverting training. I'll definitely be able to incorporate aspects of it into my daily work life. Thanks Mounira"

George L.



Mounira Latrache
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Connected Business has the vision to create space and empower a community of change makers in the business world that want to co-create a new way of making business: mindful, compassionate, diverse, peaceful, social & sustainable


Leading the YouTube Space Berlin team, responsible for all operational and management from leading the team to building programs & community.
Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs YouTube Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Responsible for all activities around press and public appearance of the brand. Represent Google/YouTube as a company spokesperson

20% Project: Search Inside Yourself Leadership Trainer, Mindfulness Coach, gPause & Wellbeing site lead


Managed multiple concurrent marketing and brand implementation initiatives. Built and led the marketing, sales, and communication team.


Project Manager international literature and outdoor campaigns