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Interview with The Authentic Creator - Bring Compassion and Mindfulness to Big Business!

Mounira Latrache talks about finding her calling (Compassion & Mindfulness in Leadership) while working as a top level executive at GOOGLE. The key takeaways here are focusing all your energy on one goal. Nothing comes easy! Secondly not to default to leaving your job just because you want to make a change. You can change while you´re on the job. Maybe even find purpose while staying in your position, but transforming your outlook on things. Change the dynamic!

A child to immigrants from Tunisia, Mounira quickly realized that she was living between worlds and radically different identities. Without belonging on either side, she developed her own idea of self. First as a trouble maker in school and later as a determined young woman in corporations like BMW, RedBull and later on GOOGLE.

Find the whole interview on iTunes:

Authors she discussed in this episode were:

Brene Brown & Maya Angelou

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